Getting started with iPhone Videos

Making Videos on iPhone: 8 easy tips from an Apple Storyographist

Social media videos have become more and more important for brands, which means making videos on your iPhone is an essential skill for all marketers.

You see how much video content there is on your Facebook feed, Instagram stories, not to mention a single Google search can recommend you to thousands of related Youtube videos, and you’re over here wondering “Where do I even begin?”

All this buzz might leave you feeling overwhelmed, when the reality is, some of the most successful and attention-drawing videos aren’t actually made with high-cost production or even a fancy camera.

With the latest technology right at your fingertips, we’ll teach you the top 8 iPhone video tips to get the most out of your phone that can help you capture quality videos for your business today.

Quick Tips for Making Videos on Your iPhone

(We spoke with Cielo De La Paz, the Apple iPhone “Storyographer” who gives us 8 easy tips to launch your content with video and how to overcome your fears of getting started.)  

1. Charge your iPhone

Goes without being said that your phone needs to be on to record videos. We’d recommend using the Anker PowerCore Portable Charger to help make sure you don’t crash mid-recording session and have enough battery charging abilities for 3-4 phone charges.

2. Clean Camera lens

You could be thinking you’re recording in 4K but a tiny speck of dust could make you wonder if you need to get your eyes checked. Getting in the habit of gently wiping your phone lens before making videos on your iPhone will help you ensure you’re not recording any blurry footage.

3. Microphone for iPhone

Typically if you’re recording within 3 feet away from your phone your sound quality should be okay, but recording from distances or with background noises, investing in an iPhone microphone could save you from hours of audio editing.

4. Clear up storage on your phone

Doesn’t it seem like right when you’re ready to take the perfect shot, you’re suddenly out of storage? We’d recommend always making sure to delete any unused apps, old text messages, or random pictures that secretly take up storage without you realizing it.

5. Video Delivery

Like any message you put out, you want to make sure you’re clear about what ideas you are trying to convey. And just as important, think about who your main audience is and how you want to present this message to them that gets the point across whether it be educational, entertaining, or both. Feel like this part may be a little intimidating? Check out this video on video presentation skills which might help you feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera.

6. Video format on iPhone

Not sure if you should film vertical or horizontal? It all depends on which platform you’re posting to, but we recommend trying square if you want to use a “catch-all” video format when you’re making videos on iPhone.

7. Imagine you’re talking to a friend

Get personal! Don’t be afraid to be your genuine self. People want to see what’s going on behind the scenes of your business and who they’re connecting with. Cielo talks about how to stop advertising and start storytelling in this link.

8. Content Strategy

Taking a video of something you are passionate about is the first step in building content, but now what? Take the time to review your video and select topics that you can break down further into microcontent for multiple platforms. Not sure how to plan a strategy? Check out this free guide from the Growth Suite.

BONUS: iPhone Video Apps

Want to know the best iPhone Video apps and learn more about how to make iPhone videos from an Apple Storyographist? 

Watch the full video with Cielo on the Growth Suite TV.