Getting started with iPhone Videos

Getting Started With iPhone Videos For Your Business With Ciela De La Paz

You already know how popular video is for social media today, and if you haven’t started doing video for your business then you’re already falling behind. 

Today is the day you get yourself in the game. 

This episode of Growth Suite TV with Cielo the Storyographist is going to get you over your fear of video so you can start creating amazing content that your audience is gonna love so that you can get more attention with your marketing.

  • How to get started with video even if you’re an absolute beginner
  • The top 5 things everyone needs to get started with making videos on their iPhone
  • What you should be saying in your videos and how long they should be
  • Should you make your videos vertical or horizontal?
  • What apps to use if you want to take your videos up a notch
  • Some creativity tips when you want to take your videos to the next level
  • The best social media content creators to check out for inspiration
  • Plus a ton more

Learn more about Cielo at her website where you can also find some free resources to get you started with creating videos on your iPhone. 

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