In order to reach people who need what you sell, your strategy should focus on the symptoms and problems that you can resolve for people.

To increase visibility on Google Searches and Social Media channels, you should be creating blog content on your website (this can be written articles or short videos) that speak to your target audience and answer all the questions they have when they experience these symptoms and problems.

Each piece of website content should then be promoted to reach your target audience on the social media channels where they are consuming information, and to rank on Google for keywords that are being searched.

The next step in your strategy is to turn your website visitors into Leads. In order to do this, you should prompt them with “Lead Magnets,” which are high value, free digital resources (ebook, educational video presentation, template or checklist, email course, etc.) that will capture contact information and automatically add your new Leads to a drip email campaign.

If the Visitor does not signup for your Lead Magnet, they should be remarketed to for the next 30 days via Google and Facebook’s ad networks (that cover essentially the entire internet). Meaning that they start to see your ads wherever they go online.

This drip email campaign should nurture your Lead from their current place in their customer journey to being Sales Qualified, and conclude with a free offer for a “Sales Call” which should be framed as some kind of Free [Problem-Solving] Consultation. I highly recommend using this phone time to provide educational, consultative selling and not just try to push your product as soon as you begin your conversation.

If the Lead does not accept the offer for the Free Consultation, then they should be added to an ongoing email marketing broadcast List which you send valuable information to on a weekly basis to help nurture them through education and thought leadership further towards being a customer, when they are ready.

Every 5-8 weeks, you should send a multi-part sequence that introduces a new angle on becoming a client and prompting them to schedule their Free Consultation.

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About the author Todd

Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.