The More Important Trend Coming After Attention Is The New Oil?

Happy Friday Todd Book!

Have you heard people say “attention is the new oil”?

Attention is definitely dominating conversations and strategies, rightfully so. But I think it’s short term and here’s why

I’m listening to the This Old Marketing podcast and Robert Rose mentions how much TRUST will quickly rise above simply getting attention.

The value in attention is that it gives you influence and impact, or at least that’s the theory.

Attention is not valuable in and of itself (unless you’re just selling commercials and arbitraging the eyeballs but that’s a different business model).

The value is in the influence and impact you have, and as Attention is the “easier” thing to get, it will soon be the TRUST you have that is valuable.

Attention for attention sake isn’t something worth chasing, especially when talking about for your business. If that attention is gotten in a way that does not gain TRUST (or worse, leads to breaking trust) then it was wasteful.

Focus on being trustworthy when you are getting attention and you’ll win.

Prioritizing attention at all costs and you won’t end up where you hoped you would.

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Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.