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Lessons On Creating Offers From Bath Time With A Toddler

My daughter LOVES swimming. Ever since she was old enough, we took her to swimming lessons and she was hooked.

Taking a bath however….she’s not always so in love with. If you’re a parent maybe you can relate?

So what does this have to do with business?

One night last week it was bath time, and she wasn’t feeling it. Started freaking out when we asked if she was ready to take a bath. Ran away at full speed screaming.

Then we said, “Hey Taylor, wanna go swimming in the bath tub???”

Boom. 180 turn, running full speed, screaming with joy towards the bath.

What happened here?

We changed the position of the offer.

Same product. New offer.

So think about your business and how you’re positioning your products. Are you getting your customers EXCITED to buy from you? Or just giving them information that’s bland at best, or worse, makes them run away screaming to your better positioned competitors instead?

This is the kind of thing that we’re teaching inside The Growth Suite. So if you want to learn more about creating exciting offers and how to properly position your business so you can convert more Leads into Customers, click here – https://thegrowthsuite.com/growthprogram/

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