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Your Next Website Will Be A Lot Simpler, And Way More Successful

One of the hardest things about building a business is keeping things simple.

For whatever reasons you may have, I know it happens to me CONSTANTLY. It feels like it’s uncontrollably in our nature to want to do more than necessary, even though you never see it that way at the time. It just feeeeels like you need to do more. You have a simple need or idea, then you get in the weeds and it becomes a project that is way bigger, unnecessarily draining you of time, money, and energy.

Whether it’s that feeling that something should require a more complicated approach, harder work, more time, or just because you’re passionate about it and you’ve become romantic over the craft. You are most likely making things harder for yourself than they need to be.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 12 months, it’s that working harder and longer hours does not equate to more success. In fact, it only guarantees that you are more stressed and tired.

I bet you’re a bit like me: you’re ready to stop being stressed and tired. You’re ready to focus on the simple things that make a big difference, that save you time, money, and energy while actually creating even greater success.

One of the biggest places I see this happen in other businesses is with their website. People think they need a ton of pages, all these bells and whistles, even that a ton of information or design is required to launch a successful website. But the truth? All it takes are a few key elements. And the simpler the better.

  1. A customer-centric home page that positions your offer and value to the target audience
  2. A blog to publish content that will attract and convert those visitors into leads
  3. A contact page for people to send you a message, get your phone number or address
  4. A lead generating offer
  5. A reliable source of website visitors who are in your target audience
  6. A follow up sequence that educates, engages, and excites Leads to want to buy from you

*and if you sell online, a checkout process to accept payments

That’s it. Yes, you can and should have pages for all of your products and services, maybe even an about page, team members, portfolio…eventually. But it’s not needed to start and it’s not needed to drive sales. All you need to get sales from your website is a reliable traffic source and a lead generating offer. Everything else is extra.

And the real funny thing is that most websites have 10 times this much stuff, but don’t have these core fundamental elements that make getting more customers simple and easy.

If you’re not getting customers consistently from your website, take a look at this list and see if you’ve unintentionally over complicated things and overlooked the simple needs for success.

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