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Answer These 6 Simple Questions For Successful Marketing

I mentioned yesterday about how my biggest lesson over the last 12 months was that working harder and longer hours doesn’t guarantee anything but being stressed and tired.

The amount of time and energy I’ve personally spent wasted on the “noise” of business rather than the few things that create clarity and drive results has gotten me incredibly frustrated. Do you ever feel that way?

Then there are the people who come to me asking marketing questions hoping for a silver bullet on how to get more customers. They’re looking for the Easy Button by way of tricks, hacks, and shortcuts. But in reality, the Easy Button is right in front of them and they continue to overlook it and brush it off when I tell them.

The Easy Button to successful marketing is to Keep It Simple. All the searching, talking about, and dabbling in shortcuts wastes so. much. time. The fastest way to success is sticking to the basics. As a buddy of mine recently put it, “the process is the shortcut.”

Here are the simple 6 questions that you can already answer that will guide you to successful marketing that gets your more customers every day:

  1. Who is your perfect customer?
  2. What is their biggest pain that you can solve?
  3. What is the best or biggest outcome they will experience when successfully using what you offer?
  4. What is their biggest perceived obstacle and annoyance to currently achieving that?
  5. Where is their attention and how can you be there too?
  6. How can you talk about your product in a way that gets them excited to buy it?

If you’re feeling like I am and want to focus on the simple but effective things that will help you grow your business online, then I invite you to take a look at my new program, The Growth Suite.

With your Growth Suite access you will get:

  • the best tools for having a properly built website to turn strangers into customers
  • the templates and training on the core elements of building your brand profitably
  • Access to our private community for asking questions, getting support, and feedback on your ideas and work

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