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Raving Fans: How To Build Great Customer Relationships That Skyrocket Your Business With Purdeep Sangha

Want Raving Fans For Your Business?

What if people camped out on the sidewalk for a week just to wait for your product to come out?

Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme. But people do that for Apple, so it’s not exactly fiction either.

The point is, having an audience of people who love your brand (aka Raving Fans) makes everything in your business easier.

You’ll be able to sell products more easily.

Test your new ideas for cheaper.

Even get people who aren’t customers to send you paying customers through Word Of Mouth because they’re so passionate about you. Pretty crazy to think about, but it isn’t as farfetched as you might think.

Purdeep Sangha, an expert in helping business create Raving Fans, joins us today to talk about:

  • What are Raving Fans?
  • What benefits do Raving Fans bring to your business?
  • Where do they exist in the ecosystem of a business? (Pre-Customer Raving Fans, Customer Raving Fans)
  • What does an entrepreneur need to do to get started creating Raving Fans for their business?
  • How can you build pre-customer fans?
  • How can you build customer fans?

Learn How To Create Raving Fans For Your Business In This Episode of The Growth Suite with Purdeep Sangha and Todd Giannattasio

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