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How To Use Recorded Video To Grow Your Business With Madalyn Sklar

All the hype right now is around Live video. And most marketing buzz is around using video for creating awareness for your brand. There’s definitely great value there and I encourage you to integrate video in those areas of your marketing.

But let’s put a pin in that for a minute and give some much deserved attention to other areas where video can help your business grow.

In this special episode of Madalyn Sklar’s Video Like A Rockstar Mini-Series, I share some strategies and tactics for using video in other places for your business like lead generation, and customer delight.

Some Quick Takeaways:

  1. Get over your perfectionism – be casual and conversational. The “video” piece is no different than having a talk with a friend over coffee, so don’t let that be a mental hurdle for you. People even like that more bc it’s genuine and authentic. If you’re too formal or overproduced, people will be less interested
  2. Keep it simple. You don’t need expensive equipment or a studio setup. You can start with your phone (bonus tip: checkout @lovehandle) or your webcam. @teamvidyard is a great free tool to try from your computer. 
  3. Stay ready, don’t get ready. It’s cool if you have a big production setup, but if it’s gonna take 30 minutes to set up, then you’re not gonna want to go through the hassle as often. Have a simple setup that makes shooting your videos as quick as turning on your camera 
  4. Practice! You’ll only get better if you get in the reps. Use customer and audience questions for your inspiration and just record yourself talking to the camera as if you were FaceTiming a friend and answering that question. If it turns out well, then you can publish it! If not, no harm done but you got in the practice!
  5. Don’t let unanswered questions turn into obstacles that derail your customer’s path to success. Answer their questions with quick video snippets to help them stay on track. H / T to @jameswedmore for this concept.

Want To Get Started With Video But Feel A Little Lost Or Camera Shy?

Then you should definitely checkout Madalyn's course, Video Like A Rockstar where she'll walk you through step by step so that you’ll break through your fear and feelings of overwhelm around.

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Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.