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Podcast Interviewing Tips To Have Great Guest Episodes

How do you have killer interviews on your podcast that your audience and guest both get a ton of value from?
In this episode you’ll learn the key skills to have great podcast interviews:
  • What should you do for preshow prep for the guest?
  • How to build rapport with podcast guests so the conversation flows well and gives the audience value
  • What’s the right order of questions when doing a podcast interview?
  • How to properly control the convo to get value for your audience, even if your guest has a big personality and tries to go off the rails
  • Modeling ‘success’ for the right reasons (and avoid the dreadful move of modeling the wrong things from the right people)
  • Post production / promo steps to continue to build the relationship with your guests and get more listeners for your show

About the author Todd

Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.