This issue has become more obvious (and concerning) to me about fellow business owners over the years as we’ve helped launch more and more of them online:


Yes, you need to be smart about investing your time, money, and efforts. But are you playing big enough to have a chance to win? Or just enough to go through the motions and hope to get lucky?

Your success rates will play out (and improve) with scale, but not if you’re thinking too small.

It’s like if I said you’ll get $1,000 for every shot you make, and most people make 20% of their shots. Then you miss your first 5, throw your hands up and say ‘this ball doesn’t work’

You have to think bigger, play bigger, and have a bigger impact if you want sustainable success.

You can’t live your life trying to catch lightning in a bottle and expect to power the world with electricity.

About the author Todd

Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.

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