Is Your Brand’s Podcast Making These Mistakes?

In this episode, your hosts Todd Giannattasio and Erik Cabral discuss the top mistakes business owners make when starting their podcast.

Get past the hesitation period & just START, but have a plan first.

The faster you get your brand out there, the more clarity & data you can use to grow your company.

Lack of consistency can be hurting a starting business or brand especially when it comes to your brand’s podcast.

When starting your podcast, have at least 3-4 episodes in the pipeline so you can keep consistent in the event you’re busy on a given week.

What is your CLEAR call to action with your brand’s podcast?

Make everything in your show relate to your core brand image & call to action, even anything you’re promoting. Organic, host-read ads convert the most!

If you’re a podcaster you MUST be a guest on other people’s shows.


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