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Brand Ecosystem In 7 Steps

I’ve noticed a lot of businesses still searching for that ‘one silver bullet’ and really missing out on the great impact they could be having if they just had the right strategy and brand ecosystem.

At the high level, you wanna think about how your business is:

  1. Creating awareness with your target market so they know you exist
  2. Build trust, credibility, and demonstration of your expertise so that your target market knows, likes, and trusts you enough to want to buy from you
  3. Maintain top of mind awareness in perpetuity so that when your target market is ready to buy, you are the brand they immediately think of and come to

Every business is of course a little different, but I put together this 7 step action plan to build a brand ecosystem that’s designed to maximize the impact of your efforts in a variety of ways so you’re getting the most juice out of your squeeze and putting yourself in the best position for success when it comes to building your brand and customer base.

1- Paid media for list building to grow your permission/owned audience

2- Long form content on YouTube/Blog for long term compound growth of organic discoverability

3- Repurpose the audio into Podcast form

4- Email your email list 2x/week minimum – weekly when long form comes out (link to blog post (which has audio and video embedded + links out to the specific platforms: apple, spotify, youtube) and another value email

5- Social media short form for engagement and warm visibility – take 15-50 second clips from the video and socialize them daily for the week (video, graphics, quote card, combo into carousels, etc.- honestly each episode could usually crank out 20 pieces easily if you have the person/resources/interest to do it)

6- Run warm traffic ads $1-5/day ads to those social posts

7- Add each of those posts into an evergreen catalog that you use to continuously post on social (so that episode could get shared once a week for 7 weeks without the same post going twice, add in a new episode every week and that very quickly compounds into a ridiculously large and valuable evergreen library if you decided you wanted to ramp up your socials to Hormozi/Gary V volume).

Also make sure that you are including keyword research and SEO if you’re going with YouTube/blog so that you maximize the potential of the hard work you’re doing already by creating the content.

For example, we were just doing some content strategy for a client that talks about Goals- generally speaking they would use the word ‘goal setting’ and ‘goal planning’ relatively interchangeably. We did a little research and ‘goal setting’ gets 13x the search volume every month than ‘goal planning’ – so just knowing that going in to create the content (and title, description, etc.) the same amount of work on the content now has 13x greater potential on how many people they can reach every month.

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Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.