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3 Reasons You Need A Website, Especially If You Are Focused On Building Your Social Media Channels

When People Want More And Search For You, You Need To Be There

When you’re building your audience on social media and offline, those people are likely going to google your name or at least want to see some more information and substance about you before they hire you or buy from you, right?

So when they Google you, you want to make sure you are owning the results and positioning yourself the way you want to be seen. Your website helps you control what and how your audience sees you as an authority and someone who can help them.

Build A Stronger Relationship And Create Omnipresence

It gives you a place to help build a stronger relationship with your social audience so that you can move them to your website and to your email list which will create a stronger bond between you that they’ve kind of taken the step from seeing you at the bar a lot to now having a one on one relationship.

It will help you create an omnipresence effect so that they are seeing you in their social feed (as much as the social media algorithms let you reach them) and in their inbox.

Plus the micocommitment of them connecting with you further will create the subconscious momentum for them to be drawn more to you and more open to having you serve them however you can with your product.

Turn Your Content Into Business Assets

When you post something on social media, even if it reaches everyone who follows you that day (which we all know Instagram only shows your content to a percentage of followers), gets tons of Likes and comments, it still has a very short shelf life.

How long will an Instagram post be getting found?

Two days if it’s good, three or four if it’s great and you’re lucky.

When you have your content living on your website in addition to social media, it will live forever as an asset for your brand. And with a few pointers, it will also show up when people are searching google for the topics that you talk about.

Since you own it, you can redistribute it across other channels (email, social) again and it becomes an evergreen asset for your brand that creates visibility, engagement, and leverage for you.

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