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What Do The Beatles And Kylie Jenner Have In Common?

Did you know Paul and John used to say to each other at the studio, “let’s write us a swimming pool”?

They meant, let’s make a song (product) for our audience. And when that song / album came out, or their tour dates went on sale…in came the swimming pool money.

Say what you want about Kylie Jenner, but she was on the cover of Forbes as the youngest “self made” billionaire.

A lot of people said she wasn’t self made, she was already famous, etc etc.

But guess what?

Her business TOOK OFF when she started it because she already had a huge audience.

Now do you see how powerful it is to have your own audience?

It’s an asset for your business. It’s not a transaction where you try selling something one time and if they don’t buy, forget them forever.

It means attracting people to your business so you can become a Brand. It’s about building a relationship with those people so that they feel connected to you. So they have a bias to buy from you when they’re ready or in need of what you offer.

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