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how to use recorded video to grow your business - madalyn sklar

How To Use Recorded Video To Grow Your Business With Madalyn Sklar

All the hype right now is around Live video. And most marketing buzz is around using video for creating awareness for your brand. There’s definitely great value there and I encourage you to integrate

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3 Fatal Mistakes In Your Messaging And The Simple Fixes To Avoid Them

You know the feeling when you’re telling a joke and instead of a laugh all you get is, “I guess you had to be there?”Or when you ask someone a general question and they dive into some crazy details

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3 Reasons You Need A Website, Especially If You Are Focused On Building Your Social Media Channels

When People Want More And Search For You, You Need To Be There When you’re building your audience on social media and offline, those people are likely going to google your name or at least want to see

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wife joke meme

Stop Telling Inside Jokes To Outsiders

This is a common mistake that most people in sales and marketing completely overlook. Make sure you’re not one of them…

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Answer These 6 Simple Questions For Successful Marketing

Looking for the Easy Button to make your marketing actually bring in new customers? It’s right in front of you and you are probably looking right past it. These 6 simple questions will put you on

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Your Next Website Will Be A Lot Simpler, And Way More Successful

One of the hardest things about building a business is keeping things simple.For whatever reasons you may have, I know it happens to me CONSTANTLY. It feels like it’s uncontrollably in our nature to

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business podcasts for entrepreneurs and marketers

My Recommended Business Podcasts For Entrepreneurs And Marketers

Here are the business podcasts I recommend to entrepreneurs and marketers based on the 50+ current subscriptions and who knows how many one-off listens I’ve had over the last 10 years.

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how to validate your business idea

How To Validate Your New Business Idea

When you have an idea, you need to start getting it out there and validated. Create an offer around it and set up a simple sign-up page on your website (or make a one-page website to accomplish this if

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buyer persona marketing that resonates

Beyond The Buyer Persona: How To Create Marketing That Resonates

Most marketers by now understand that they need to have a customer avatar or buyer persona in order to know their customer, their needs, problems, goals, etc. But you must go beyond that basic understanding

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Communities That Convert Podcast Episode 23

The Right Way To Niche And How To Match Your Messaging on Communities That Convert Podcast

Thank you to Madalyn and Kami from Communities That Convert for having me on their great podcast! In this episode we talk about Why I started The Growth Suite How to properly niche your business without

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