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How To 10X Your Organic Google Search Impressions In One Year?

This morning we were going over last year’s numbers with a client and it was pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. Just one of the highlights was going from 35,000 impressions in 2019 on Google

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This One Simple Profit First Tactic Removed All My Anxiety At Tax Time

Taxes used to scare the 💩 out of me. My first few years in business, I bounced around different accountants and none of them helped me get a grip on my business finances. Tax time was basically a blind

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Setup Your Own Free CRM for Facebook Personal using Trello

How to setup a free social CRM for your personal Facebook profile using Trello

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Eliminate Your Competition With The Power Of Content Branding

It’s time to eliminate your competition… Sales can often feel like an uphill battle. Like you’re fighting for that next breath of air every time. You feel like you’re

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Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to reach people who need what you sell, your strategy should focus on the symptoms and problems that you can resolve for people. To increase visibility on Google Searches and Social Media

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Getting started with iPhone Videos

Making Videos on iPhone: 8 easy tips from an Apple Storyographist

Social media videos have become more and more important for brands, which means making videos on your iPhone is an essential skill for all marketers. You see how much video content there is on your Facebook

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