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Simple Strategy For An Automated Recruiting System For Startups

Automated Recruiting System For StartupsAre you trying to hire a new person but the recruiting and resume reading is too much of a hassle?

Not ready to pay a recruiter yet or just haven’t gotten success with them in the past?

We started this simple process years ago to get the most amount of applications and use our automation system to sift through and qualify candidates for us.

This saves us HOURS of reading through unqualified or irrelevant resumes from the Resume Blasters out there who apply to every job that’s posted online.

Put something like this in place for your business and you’ll save hours of reading through the wrong resumes and only review high quality candidates who are a much better fit for your team.

Automated Recruiting System For Startups

The Simple Recruiting Strategy:

  1. Run job posting ads to get a high volume of applicants
  2. Write a killer job description to get the right talent plus culture
  3. Capture initial contact info and resume PDFs via a contact form
  4. Connect your contact form to your email automation system
  5. Automatically send an email to all applicants asking them to complete Step 2, which is a simple 3 question form. These questions are easy, such as “Why would you be a good fit here?” and “What are your greatest strengths / weaknesses?” This is simply to filter out people who are blasting out their resume to every online job posting, and to ensure your candidates can follow simple instructions.
  6. With that form connected to your email software / CRM, tag them as potential candidates and send another automated email to confirm their submission and ask if there’s anything else they’d like to add. People who reply can rise to the top of your review list as more ambitious / excited candidates.

A few other tips for what you can include or add to this sequence to further automate your recruiting:

  • Ask candidates to submit a 3 minute YouTube video discussing a topic relevant to their job. Now instead of 15 minute phone interview screenings, you can use the video screening
  • Depending on the job, add in a step for people to submit examples of their work

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