4 Ways To Stop Your Business From Running Out Of Oxygen

Do you own a business or sell a product that you’re extremely proud of?

You know your company is TOP NOTCH and your customers all rave about you?

But for some reason, you’re not increasing the amount of new customers at the same speed that your quality and customer reviews make you feel that you should?

You’re probably suffering from the same thing my friend Sam has with his music…

He’s an incredible musician. Plays every instrument. Writes and sings some of the best songs you’ll ever hear…

IF you ever actually hear them.

Because he just plays them on the couch in his living room. I bet you might even have a friend just like that, too.

So back to your business…

Are you doing great work, but not doing the marketing to let the world know about it?

Or you’re trying really hard to promote and sell, but it’s just not working and you feel absolutely drained of ideas, time, and money without getting any results?

Too many small businesses die from this affliction. They run out of oxygen.

When you think about it this way, marketing is like the oxygen for your business.

If you don’t market to get new customers, eventually your business is going to die.

What can you do?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1- Clearly define your target audience

This will help you with where you can go to reach them (whether it’s online or offline) and what you should be saying to get their attention and interest.

2- Digitize Your Conversations

Start publishing practical tips, stories, and insights for your audience in the places they are hanging out.

If it’s Google Search, write blog posts that are titled with the questions they are asking.

If it’s Facebook, jump in the Groups they are active in.

Instagram? Use the hashtags they search…you get the picture.

Go where they are.

3- Build A Relationship

After you get their attention and interest, build a relationship with them so they will be likely to buy what you have to offer when they run into that problem.

4- Make It Easy To Say Yes

Have a clear and easy offer that they can say Yes to. Don’t make buying from you super complicated. And if it’s a long process, break it down into simple steps.

Now imagine if you had a system and some simple habits that would make all of your marketing feel like it was on autopilot?

Do you think that would help you get more customers and grow your business the way you want to?

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About the author Todd

Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.