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Viral Views Are Trash, Here’s Why

Viral views are 🗑

Even if every video you post goes viral and reaches tens of thousands, even millions of new people. If they don’t follow you, it’s worthless and here’s why…

Sales come from consistently showing up for someone, repeated exposure, and developing a relationship between your audience and your brand. Not to mention timing, what are the odds someone is sitting with their credit card out ready to buy a service like yours the same time you are going viral on the Discover page? Slim to none.

They are more likely going to be in the market for your stuff over the course of the next year.

But guess what?

All the viral video views you got? They were one and done ✌🏽

So even though you keep reaching a lot of people one time, you win the game by reaching the same person a lot of times.

Lesson? Don’t cater to trends (use them strategically). Cater to your audience and their customer journey.

Don’t try to reach a million people once. Try to reach thousands of people hundreds of times. That’s the 🏆
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