Private Offer: GFP With Bonuses! - The Growth Suite

Private Offer: GFP With Bonuses!

$299.00 / month with a 6-month free trial and a $2,997.00 sign-up fee



  • Develop your personal success playbook
  • Clearly define your audience with the 6 key audience factors
  • Position your offer with Irresistible Messaging that gets your customers engaged at each step of the way
  • Map out your Awareness To Conversion Tactics And Messaging to maximize your efforts and create compounding assets for your business
  • Learn and build the simple habits of communication that help you go from unnoticed to unstoppable
  • Plan and build your Launchpad Website to facilitate your strategy execution
  • Create your Automated Incubator messaging series that will cultivate Subscribers into Conversational Conversions

6 Weeks To Build Your Solid Foundation For Longterm, Sustainable Growth

  1. Week One: Your Model For Success
    1. Lock down your understanding of the Simple Model for success and the engine that will drive your business to more customers
    2. Create your Clearly Defined audience(s), your Perfect Messaging Angles to connect with them, and exactly where to reach them to create Awareness and Engagement
    3. Craft your Irresistible Offer that turn your audience into Subscribers, Leads, and Customers
  2. Week Two: Content Funnels
    1. Map out your Content Strategy that will create Awareness, Engagement, Subscriptions, and Conversions
    2. Create your initial content
  3. Week Three: Launchpad Website
    1. Plan your Launchpad Website
    2. Learn the tools of your Launchpad Website
    3. Setup your Launchpad Website
    4. Setup your Email Marketing
    5. Launch your Launchpad Website
  4. Week Four: Catchup
    1. Catchup Week
  5. Week Five: Publish & Promote
    1. Start publishing and promoting content
    2. Start proactively engaging on the right channels to create Awareness and Engagement
  6. Week Six: Review & Adjust
    1. Review your Key Performance Indicators
    2. Determine if/what adjustments should be made
    3. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses as next steps for where to focus and what to practice to maximize your efforts