Setting Up Your Website

9 Lessons

About this course

Understand your website platform, how it works for you, and get your basic settings done so you can get running on your marketing.


Coming soon...Introduction to this course.

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Understanding Your Website Platform

High level overview of your website, tools, and where to learn the basics.

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Creating And Connecting Your Google Analytics Account

In order to track visitors and statistics on your website, you will need to connect your Google Analytics account to the site. 

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Connecting Your Facebook Pixel Tracking

Connect your website with your Facebook ad account so that you can track and retarget visitors of your website.

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Connecting Your Email Service To Your Lead Capture Forms

When someone fills out a sign up form on your website, you want them to automatically get added to your email software (such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, etc.).

This lesson will show you how to connect your email software to your website forms.

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Editing Your Home Page / Using The Editor

This video will walk you through editing your a page on your website. This video uses the Home Page as an example, but the tools are the same for any Page you create. How to add images, insert and edit text, and add your own custom content. 

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Full Tutorial Library For Your Page Building And Editing

Here you can access all of the beginner tutorials provided to learn the full ins and outs of what you can do with your pages.

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Adding A New Blog Post

Simple process to add a new blog post to your website.

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Adding A Product To Your Website

If  your website is for ecommerce, this quick video will show you how to add products to your online store.

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